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We use life cycle methodologies, such as life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle costing (LCC) to help companies identify critical areas of concern in their products, services, and materials. These approaches help us highlight improvement opportunities in the supply chain, in logistics and distribution, in customer use, and at the end-of-useful-life. We use these tools in a manner that respects our clients’ needs for being efficient in the use of their time and resources.

BWE has also created a tool for conducting specialized assessments in selected industries. For example, for apparel and footwear companies, we can create style-based carbon, water, and energy footprints (as well as other environmental impact indicators) across entire apparel and footwear product lines. These are very cost-effective footprints that give clients a baseline for setting reduction targets, which are compliant with Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) compliant reduction guidelines, and which clients can use to generate alternative scenarios for determining implementation strategies. We also offer clients assistance in upgrading their PLM systems to improve data integrity, integrating these assessments with PLM systems, and creating standard graphical reports for tracking progress against goals.

Circular systems and better
end-of-useful life strategies

BWE staff have been involved in addressing product end-of-useful-life for three decades.


For products that currently face end of life regulations, we can help you develop efficient collection and management programs. For companies that want to prepare themselves for future product end-of-life and packaging regulations, we can help you assess the economic and environmental performance of different strategies in light of your company’s needs.


We also have extensive experience in recommerce programs that involve product take back, product repair, sales of used product, recovery and recycling of material value from products, and evaluation of the sustainability benefits of recommerce. If you are thinking of establishing a recommerce program in conjunction with or separate from existing new product distribution and sales, BWE can help you. In addition, we have worked with a number of companies engaged in recommerce to generate LCA impact data for used products that are resold. This data can be used in corporate sustainability reporting, SBTi related communications, marketing, and to help improve recommerce programs.


BWE principals and staff are available to educate executive leadership and staff on circular systems–what they are, where they make sense, and how to approach implementation. Get in touch with us and we can give you a short introduction on how we might help you make sense of this emerging area of sustainability.

Technical evaluations:
life cycle assessments
carbon/water/energy footprints