Medium-sized Business

Corporate sustainability
performance and reporting

We’ve written sustainability/corporate social responsibility reports both as corporate sustainability staff and for our corporate clients. Our thinking about these reports has evolved. Where we once viewed them as primarily for external audiences, we now urge clients to think of them in terms of internal audiences that can also be used for external audiences.


The greatest source of value of sustainability reports is their opportunity to assess an organization’s environmental and social performance against its goals, benchmark that performance against peers, create recommendations for improvement, and serve as a go-to source for company-approved external messaging. We believe that such a report should be geared towards executive leadership and should be prepared in a manner that reflects the organization’s values, is true and straightforward and focuses on the issues that matter to the organization and its stakeholders. By necessity, an assessment of performance that is to be delivered to the executive team is going to be short and to the point. BWE excels at gathering the right amount of data and information, being efficient about analysis, and identifying key issues that require action. Done well, this approach allows for an easy transition to a public report that meets external stakeholder needs and reflects how the organization will go forward.

We typically use the Global Reporting Initiative as a starting place for a sustainability assessment and report. 

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Incorporating sustainability
into purchasing

We have nearly two decades of experience developing customized life cycle-based toolkits for purchasing materials and products for organizational needs. These toolkits are in daily use at a variety of companies and organizations. They are used in purchasing for specifying a wide variety of products and materials ranging from office furniture to retail store fixtures to marketing materials to photo shoot props. Based on LCA data, these customized tools give users guidance on making better choices that incorporate sustainability into purchasing decisions. 


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