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We are at a crossroads. Humans have created unparalleled levels of prosperity for billions across the globe with lifespans that are far longer than anyone had imagined possible just a few generations ago. Our prosperity has come with a cost. It is not shared equally across this earth. It is the driver of a changing climate where prolonged droughts, outsized wildfires, massive cyclones, and intense rainstorms affect every living thing.  


Enough! We need a revolution in thinking. We need new ideas, disruptive innovations, and novel initiatives that generate prosperity that is widely shared and restores the health of our planet. It is up to all of us and all segments of human society–individuals, families, businesses, government, civic organizations, everyone–to contribute to tikkun olam, the repair of the world for the benefit of all life.


Our Team


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BWE is a pioneering innovator in sustainability. We occupy a singular niche–we are experts in crafting innovations that help organizations pursue their sustainability dreams.

  • We work with startups and mature organizations alike to create novel tools and strategies that businesses, governments, and NGOs use to achieve their sustainability goals.

  • We combine experience in building leading edge sustainability efforts in organizations with expertise in material and product sustainability, life cycle methods, and circular systems to help you be effective in your organization.

  • We understand what it takes to develop and implement effective sustainability programs because we have sat in your seat. We know that success comes when strategies and programs fit the culture and values of an individual organization.​


There isn’t any BWE sustainability manual or cookbook. What we deliver to you is a focus tailored to the people who matter—you, your associates, your leadership, your customers, your suppliers. Your success in building sustainability into the core of your organization is our core metric.



BWE strives to expand the limits of conventional thinking at each turn. We understand that no two organizations or business needs are alike, which is why we tailor our work to your needs, your organizational culture, and your budget. We work well with companies that are just starting out on their sustainability efforts, helping them ramp up programs and capabilities quickly, as well as with companies where sustainability is deeply embedded, and our technical capabilities serve to extend their in-house expertise.


For a sense of what our past endeavors look like, samples of our capabilities are included below.





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